DBP 遙距營商計劃 (Distance Business Programme)


COVID-19 changed the way we live, work and more. The impact it has on business induced new opportunity to evolve and thrive. The HKSAR Government announced the second round of Anti-epidemic Fund and it includes the “Distance Business Programme” to be launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission. Applications opens from May to Nov 2020. 新冠疫情為我們的生活、工作帶來大大小小的改變,同時亦帶來營商蛻變的契機。香港政府宣布在第二輪「防疫抗疫基金」下,創新科技署將推出「遙距營商計劃」,申請期為 2020年5月至11月。

Eligible Projects 受資助項目:

  • Online shop 網上商店
  • Online purchasing and transactions 線上訂購和交付
  • Online account servicing and promotion (e.g. digital booking system, virtual service transaction, customer relations management etc.) 線上客戶服務和推廣(例如數碼預訂系統,虛擬服務交付,客戶關係管理等)
  • Online/ mobile device retail management system 數碼支付/流動裝置零售管理系統
  • Remote file management and cloud storage 遙距文件管理及雲端儲存
  • Web conferencing tools 線上會議工具
  • Virtual team management and communication 虛擬團隊管理和溝通
  • Other supporting systems (e.g. enterprise resources planning, customer service management, online application forms and workflow approval etc.) 其他業務支援系統(例如企業資源計劃系統ERP,客戶關係管理CMS,電子申請表和工作流批核等)
  • Mobile applications development for transforming existing system from desktop to mobile 流動應用程式開發,由桌面應用版轉為流動應用程式版
  • Employee training for digitized business 業務數碼化培訓